Intelligent productive system based on flexible robotic systems and 4.0 industry applied to the construction industry

Construmatic4.0 holds a novel idea which integrates new advanced manufacturing systems research and development, based those ones on the cable robotics and 4.0 industry technologies, and its later integration on the construction industry.
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Cleaning / Coating
Cable robotics allow fast, flexible and safe movement on 2-D which can be used for cleaning and couting of outer surfaces. Movement of the system can be manually controlled by the operator or a cleaning movement scenario can be installed for automatic cleaning. With having a high precision motion control, system keeps same distance between windows and platform even in strong wind, ensuring safety of cleaning personnel.
Precise and fast movement of cable robot system enables smooth broadcast of sports that are played in wide stadiums. Having 6 degrees of freedom makes it possible to approach the game in any angle required, for following fast running players and the ball without missing any action.
Automated Storage Management
Next generation storage management requires movement of items in various shapes and forms for storage optimization which is limited in grid based systems. Cable robotics allow fast fetching and changing rotation of items for automated storage management, improving speed and enabling further storage options.
Cable robotics improve transportation of construction material and equipment within construction site with enabling fast movement of required material and reducing costs of material transportation.
Virtual/Augmented Reality Simulation Systems
Multi axis movement creates force on person inside robot which can be combined with virtual/augmented reality devices to develop entertainment simulators.

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